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looking for a journal void of left-wing political propaganda and unrealistic ideals? look no further than here.
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Now now brett. Just because you don't feel the vigour I do doesn't make you better than me.
By the way. the term propaganda suggests I was lying. I'm not. my journal, is not in anyway the sunday mail, or the bible.
I'm taking the helpless nobody stance on this. No matter what I think it'll never change anything, so why bother telling someone? Fairly realistic I think?
As for me, I care so little about politics, that, well, I don't care very much at all! Yeah.
Who are you rebelling against this time?
Wouldn't rebelling be political? I'm just excercising my right to feel helpless and see no point to some things.
Nice icon.

Glad you started updating again.
Best Family Guy icon ever.