- (jazzcrime) wrote,

Where are you Andrew Noll?

If you are him, or know of his whereabouts, please comment!
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His computer died. Try smsing him..?
This would make sense, it doesn't really matter. I just wondered where he was because I want to show him some things. I miss Mr Noll
One day, when surfing through friends pages to put off writing an essay on the topic of "artistic singing and speaking depend to a great extent on a person's ability to establish optimin conditions for vocal resonance", I stumbled upon your journal. Here I became mighty confused. Your birth date says 1986 and yet it says that you are not yet 18. Now is my brain to fuddled to remember the year of my birth, after long hours of putting off said essay? Sure I was born in 86 and surely I turned 18 sometime ago! Please draw me from this confusion.
Hey Fleur (yes, we've met!), basically I put it in wrong and haven't changed it since. You're right, if you were born in 86 you'd be well and truly 18 by now. Not long for me either I guess.
Oh thank God! I was seriously doubting what year I was born in!

We've met? In real life or on the net? Just when I stop feeling dumb about one thing I go and feel dumb about something else.
Oh yeah, at that BBQ. Remember? I was the guy with Pia. (Contrary to popular belief, NOT her boyfriend at all.) You ate lots of salt & vinegar chips, I met your boyfriend at the time James and yeah...
Ahh, yes... I DO remember that, dear. I ate lots of chips in general. James is still my boyfriend, approaching 8 months now.

That was very nice, meeting you too. The rest of the party I found a little dull. Good thing dear little Pia through up to relieve the monotony of the evening.
haha I thought you meant shannon knoll
to which i would have commented " 10" deep in my backyard."
Let us never speak of this again.
Actually, second time I met Nolly (Andrew Noll) I asked him if he was related and coincidently he is very very very distantly related to Shannon Noll. Poor fellow.

And yeah - Jess, my saviour, is correct. My computer is dead. Fixed soon!
Oh how appropriate it would have been if you said, "what about me?"

CUM BCK TEH S00N, N0LlY!!!11!oneone!!!
Heehee cum *immature smile*

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12 years ago

Interesting fact- if you commented 23 times on my LJ, I'd have 10 members with over 100 comments. And I could tell people and they'd be all "lolz u loserzxoroz" and I'd be all ":(".
I finally got to listen to "Moanin'" by Mingus, boy, it rocks the shit.

Happy birthday for yesterday Brett, and tomorrow, MY BIRTHDAY!.
Legality is our bitch, happy birthday.