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it's absolutely hillarious how life (read: or for those of you religiously inclined, God) has a way of slapping in the face and telling you, 'listen up, jerk'. no, ladies, gentlement and the andrygenous, i am not even being sarcastic. life (read: God) is one crazy dude/dudette, who isn't afraid to let you know who's calling the shots. these kind of things are so refreshing, opening our eyes and mustering up a kind of awe only life can bring. i feel that anybody who knows how it is to feel this presence of life (read: God) the most amazing, inspiring and fufilling life. never be afraid to have a crack at anything, because the unexpected will certainly happen and it'll blow your mind.
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Awesome, dude. Very true. I've always referred to them as moments of clarity - where suddenly you step back and go "whoa, everything makes fucking SENSE" - and then it's gone again. But it's awesome.
what makes you think god would prescribe to your pathetic human genders man?
i guess it's all much the same when you're all powerful and all knowing.
hey! I just found out that you go to uni with my ex-boyfriend :P I know you don't really post here but thought that I would point out that crazy little connection. He is a jazz piano player, we aren't friends but still!!! crazy :)
His name is Jakub, you probably know him.